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MAEOE 2024
It was great connecting!

I hope you enjoyed learning about GuideNotes™!

Please join me in my educator community and portal. 

This will give you free access to over a hundred songs. You'll have the recordings first. 

I recommend joining with a gmail account if you have one because it's easier to log in. 

You can also download the Mighty Networks app and join me there. 

Join me in my community by clicking here. 

Please Join me in my Educator and Professional Portal. 

This link is a special link you can use to join through Family Child Care Network.

Join with your Gmail account, if you have one. 

You will be invited to join the Mighty Network App. 

Once you download it, click "search for network", then Search for Froli

Join my community!

The PDF we provided to you that you download is a static document. This community and technology are evolving as I learn more about how to put it together. You will get the latest updates there. 

Download Songs!


Thank you for coming!
Sign up for email list here! 

A sticker image of Singer-songwriter Kathryn Para Kathryn Para dressed as Frolic the Fox, standing with one leg up and holding a dark brown ukulele. She is looking up to her right side dreamily.
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