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SongSolving™ with GuideNotes™

SongSolving is how to use GuideNotes songs to meet your needs as an educator, parent, child guide. It's also how to create culture. I review some of the process in my programs, and will publish more soon, but in the mean time, here are some tools!  The essence of the process here is to identify your need, then the "Cues and To-Do's".  What do you want the children to do or feel? How do you want them to behave? Do you want their energy up and louder, or soft and cozy?  ​ Then we find the songs and "install" them so that we can use the little bitty ditties along your daily routine to cue the kiddos.  ​ Kathryn teaches this process to educators in her teacher training. Look for more opportunities to learn soon!  Posts are educator-focused right now but will integrate more at-home themes soon! 

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In Alphabetical order, you can select first letter of key words of title or add on other factors to refine searches. 

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GuideNotes™ Song Solving Tools

A Few GuideNotes™ Videos for you! 

Explore the GuideNotes songs below to find a few that may serve you right now. To explore more deeply and learn about GuideNotes, feel free to join Kathryn's learning and community platform or download the app for this website.