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Songs for Teaching and Guiding

If you're here for songs, including GuideNotes™️ look below to see where you want to go!

Please consider supporting me and this important work.

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Find Songs & Learn how to use them! 

There are some songs below, and some further in the website. The best way to learn to use them is by joining my community, where you will find a song index, and song lists by topic. 

GuideNotes™ Resources

Image by Cory Woodward

Frolic EveryDay Community

Join the Conversation and Community

Kathryn is launching a vibrant community of people who want to grow wonder in childhood with nature, story, song and play. 


The Song and Ditty Den is the main home of these songs. Each month we'll grow wonder with a topic, and each week we'll bring a song out, shake it off and make it work for you in all the ways you need. 

This community includes parents, educators, directors, therapists, and more. We'll have break out sessions by group and some will even have their own portal.

GuideNotes™️ certification is coming! 


a portal to song resources

GuideNotes FieldGuide™️ will be brief overview of GuideNotes, how to use them, as well as linked lists for songs and their topic, function, Transition Cycle Point™️. 

There will be "chapters" for educators, directors, parents, therapists and more.

Choose free plan if needed or contributing 🌱Patron Plans to support me as an artist and help this work grow and spread! All 🌱Patron plans come with a free trial.

Library Cards

Behind the Ukulele Blog (this website)
read about the song journey

Learn about GuideNotes™️, my SongSolving™️Process, and the songs as I write about them. Each song has a story and reason behind it and each carries a piece of my heart.  

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Song & Ditty Public Library (this website) 
find songs. Free.

A public library of songs as I publish them. These are shareable.

Each post will eventually contain:

  • Video

  • Audio 

  • "Ditty Cards"

  • Lyrics

  • Links to songs  

  • Information on how and when to use the song.

A sticker image of Singer-songwriter Kathryn Para Kathryn Para dressed as Frolic the Fox, standing with one leg up and holding a dark brown ukulele. She is looking up to her right side dreamily.
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