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kathryn para &amperio;
Frolic el zorro

Hi There! I'm glad you're here.

I'm back from a break and have many events coming up.
Look for announcements and new offerings and tools.
Special offers and discount in Newsletter.

Update to this website should be published soon. 
Explore the songs! I have about 120 "pre-published" now,
and you can search by topic or need!

Singer-songwriter Kathryn Para is standing outside of the Yoga Barn, dressed as Frolic the Fox, a children's performance character.

Creator of
Wonder & Magic


Join Kathryn's Community of Wonder

A community of practice for integrating wonder into life with kiddos.


Educators & Professionals are invited to join 
Community of Wonder, Learning, Exploration & Yearning

Educators & professionals who yearn to nurture their world with wonder.

Kathryn is creating a space for educators and professionals. 

Launching soon as and it's free! Launching soon. 

Educators: formal, informal, adjacent, therapists, support, homeschoolers welcome. 

​Próximos Eventos

A sticker image of Singer-songwriter Kathryn Para Kathryn Para dressed as Frolic the Fox, standing with one leg up and holding a dark brown ukulele. She is looking up to her right side dreamily.
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