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Artist Info: Kathryn Para
(Frolic's Human Form)

"I wrote the music we needed as a family.

Now I write the music that is needed for all children."

Nature+Story+Song+Imaginative Play=Wonder

Kathryn Para has enjoyed over a decade and a half and thousands of hours bringing wonder to her community through nature, story, song and imaginative play, Kathryn shares the power of song in guiding, teaching and inspiring. She performs as herself and as Frolic the Fox to reach diverse audiences. She is constantly working on writing new music and getting it into the hands of people who guide and teach children. 

Kathryn is a mom, singer-songwriter, performer, outdoor educator ,“environmental edu-tainer”, Ukulele method creator and workshop creator and facilitator.

Mom-Grown Musician:

"It all started by writing the music we needed as a family."

Kathryn started writing music to meet needs of her neurodivergent family and kept going and going, co-creating a long-running nature camp, a ukulele method, “sneezing awake” as a magical, musical fox and creating ways for adults to bring nature, story, song and wonder to children. 

GuideNotes:Lyrics for Learning and Life:

Kathryn writes simple songs for complicated subjects and super singable songs to guide children through daily rhythm and transitions

We know music enriches the lives of children. Kathryn has developed hundreds of songs help integrate song into the diverse spaces. That’s why Kathryn performs so frequently as Frolic and travels around the country sharing her work with teachers, professionals and families.  GuideNotes is a way to systematically bring song into life with kiddos on a daily basis, learning to “song solve” to smooth the little rough spots of the day.


Kathryn has presented her work to educators at national, state, and local conferences.


Frolic the Fox (born in Annapolis)

Frolic the Fox "sneezed awake" from a cloud of fairy dust that descended over Annapolis while Old Fox Books was being created. There was so much creativity and magic that Frolic just had to come out to play. Frolic started off with a weekly concert and story time, which soon doubled due to attendance and spread to other locations. 

While Frolic's audience grew out of Old Fox before the pandemic, we now collaborate in different ways, with seasonal Story times on Maryland Avenue, Festivals and appearances at nearby historic mansions Hammond Harwood House and Chase Lloyd House. Old Fox Books is still her “home” and still curates her book selection.

TidBits about Kathryn:

Lives in Crofton, MD with her two teens and husband, Drew.

Traveled and lived tiny in an RV with her family for a few years, exploring every state in the country.

Junior Ranger at many national and state parks. 

Nature enthusiast.

Parent of NeuroDiverse children

Proud driver of a NeuroDiverse mind

Ukulele Enthusiast: Kathryn has taught over a thousand people with her unique ukulele method. 

Military born, bred, served and retired


Nature Learning Collective:

Kathryn has helped to form the Nature Learning Collective of Maryland, sharing her work with educators and professionals around the country and serving local educators with local MSDE conferences. 


Diversity and Inclusion

Kathryn celebrates diversity and wishes to honor children, families and community members as they are, carrying the intention that all children and families find themselves represented and respected in her work. 

Racial, ability/ disability, neurodiversity, body, sexual orientation, gender, religious and 

LGBTQIA+ diversities are all part of being a community. When we are our authentic selves, the world is better for it. Kathryn is a mamma bear and supports her children and members of her community as they unfurl into their understanding of who they are.

Kathryn celebrates her own neurodiversity and that of her family. she's pretty smitten with her brain and how it can create wonder so fluently. She does struggle with making it work in all the ways she needs it to, so a little bit of patience or understanding find a great deal of gratitude. 

Outdoor Education
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