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A Note About the Music

All music on this website is created by Kathryn Para. Because I have been performed it hundreds of times for thousands of  people, and because I have been teaching hundreds of teachers how to integrate songa nd wonder into the classroom, I'm publishing songs in draft form so they can get into the hands of teachers and families as quickly as possible. They are here in their draft form.


Explore and enjoy! I have chosen to place these songs here, for free, with a public- facing link to the recordings.  This is because I write this music to impact the lives of children and their adults. That means the fairy dust needs to fly to where it needs to be. If you wish to contribute, there is a button for that.​

Streaming will come soon! I promise, I'm working on it. I've got over 250 songs for you and phase one is just getting them out to you, with tools to learn how to use them. Phase two is getting better recordings. 
The wonderful communications fairy,🧚🏽‍♀️Christina Jankovitz, and I are behind the curtain figuring out how to share these with you in ways that allow you to find songs by topic, need, situation, etc. If a link is broken or you need a particular song, please send us a message!

-Kathryn Para, a.k.a. The magical, musical, Frolic the Fox

A sticker image of Singer-songwriter Kathryn Para Kathryn Para dressed as Frolic the Fox, standing with one leg up and holding a dark brown ukulele. She is looking up to her right side dreamily.
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