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Songs & Ditties: Alphabetical

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All songs are in draft form, so I can get them to you faster!
These songs are part of a system of songs for people who raise, guide and teach children.

Join me on my community platform to find tools and how to use these songs! 


A Circle Doesn't Have an End

Song for ending time together or leave-taking. Has movement.

After the Rain Comes the Rainbow

Song sung with Frolic's Rainbow, with sensory input. Sung to end a time together, giving calmness and sensory input.

All Aboard Train Song

A song to cue children to move together and about being on a train, with a little story to play along about going up a mountain!

All Done (Time to Put Away)

Transition Song sung at the end of an activity. Eversong, flexes to the activity being finished or item child is finished using.

All Hail (The Leader)

Written for a nautical themed camp and used for unifying and quieting, getting energy up, then settling. Insert title of person who has to speak: use name or title: Teacher, Leader, GuideNote, attention getting Eversong for a person.

All the Different Feelings are Okay

Song validating feelings in all sorts. Social- emotional

All the Leaves are Changing

Fall song with leaves changing, naming colors of leaves

Another Day

Song for being dropped off and picked up. Version for parent and caregiver. Reflective GuideNote

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Song about why rain is a benefit and leads to flowers.

Bee Vomit

Song about that special substance that bees make: Honey!
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