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Little Boy Walking

The Ways of Wonder are also keys to wellness.

Being in a state of wonder helps us to find our wellness. Kathryn dedicated to sparking a sense of wonder in children and their adults to bring connection, joy and wellness. She has identified eight ways of wonder and creates tools, songs and training to help bring these to life with kiddos. 

The Ways of Wonder

Kathryn creates tools to bring wonder to children and their adults.

Some tools are published here and some will be in the Community of Wonder. Links to come soon! 


Nature, in whatever way we can get it, can connect us to  our sense of wonder. Kathryn provides ways to nurture our selves with nature, bringing it inside or us outside!

Life is better when you get outside. 

Let's get outside togheter!


Big movement, little movement, yoga, dance, mindful movement, walks and full-body songs bring help us connect to our environment and to each other. Moving on our own, honoring our body's needs and moving together all bring us closer to wonder and wellness.

Lets move together!


Story is the unfolding of our narrative, whether past, present, future, fiction, pretend or imaginary. Kathryn provides tools to growing the story in our lives. What is written, what is told, what together we unfold. 

Let's share llife through story.


Practicing awareness, breath, presence and appreciation for this moment. Kathryn provides tools for mindfulness in all realms of child life. She creates mindful movement, yoga flows, songs and ditties that integrate breath and actively practice mindfulness and mediitation.


Songs help us connect to our selves and each other, learn, guide, cue and create culture. Kathryn provides songs and the method to use them in her GuideNotes™, Environmental Edutainment and Social Emotional Songs™ Programs.

Let's integrate song into life. 


Find the way to creative expression and you find a way to wonder. Creative arts help give voice to what you are experiencing, helps to overcome trauma, anxiety, and helps to set the brain into happier state. Let's find ways to create something with our hands, minds and bodies.


Finding ways to tinker and take life lightly as we explore possibilities. We can install playful moments of magic and fairy dust, sewing simple threads of connection through our lives. 

Let's remember how to play.


Laughter is one one pinnacle of connection to each other and to our own wonder way. To find our laughter, we have to embrace the unexpected, the whim or the silly. 

Let's find our silly. 

A sticker image of Singer-songwriter Kathryn Para Kathryn Para dressed as Frolic the Fox, standing with one leg up and holding a dark brown ukulele. She is looking up to her right side dreamily.
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