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Kathryn Para & Frolic the Fox

Hi There! I'm glad you're here.

Right now I'm on break from weekly performances.
I love being in the community, so I'll be back as soon as I can!
In addition to caring for elderly relatives, it's time for me to get my some organizational, writing, designing and recording work done. 
Expect change and a lot of growth! 

(Currently on sabbatical for creating, writing, study & business-ey things.)

No upcoming events at the moment

Join Kathryn's Community!

With nature, story, song & play, we make wonder every day!  Resources, events, and community. 

Educators & Professionals are invited to join 
Community of Wonder, Learning, Exploration & Yearning

Educators & professionals who yearn to nurture their world with wonder.

Kathryn is creating a space for educators and professionals. 

Launching soon as and it's free! Launching soon. 

Formal, informal, adjacent, therapists, support, homeschoolers welcome. 

Partners, Venues & Orgs

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