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Kathryn Para Frolic the Fox Yoga Barn.jpg

Kathryn Para &
Frolic the Fox

Creator of Wonder and Magic for Children

Singer-songwriter Kathryn Para delights audiences with her whimsical, wholesome and nourishing music. Full of movement, mindset, mindfulness, fun and child-guiding cues, she uses her "Lyrics for Learning and Life" to make your life with children easier and more joyful. 

Kathryn Para’s Frolic the Fox is a magical musical creature who reminds families that “Reading Makes Fairy Dust” in her story-concerts.


"GuideNotes™️: Songs for Teaching, Guiding, Nurturing and Cueing Children" is her main focus right now, with her goal to use her method to integrate song into every place with children.

Explore and find what you need! While all songs are offered free and to the public, 🌱Patron opportunities  are available. 

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment
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