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At @_yogabarn, we turned one! It was a beautiful day for an anniversary party with storyconcerts, finding acorns, and pretend to be silly squirrels 🐿️ and 🐦 birds and porcupines and 🍁.
Makers, yoga 🧘‍♂️ for kids and adults, coffee and coco.

I love that the @bestcoffeetrailer is with us now and that you can get coffee or coco during my Friday events! We even have a special drink for Frolickers!

It was great to frolic with @mackidmdpasadena and talk about what we might to together.

What a wonderful time with community, picture
Three story times, yoga for children and adults, local makers and coffee.
I loved seeing Carleen at do yoga time full of magic, animals and acorns.

A shout out to @jrizsea for going her first maker market with her creations. I think she might import from fairylands you will find fern earrings on me and some of her stuff in the story den.

Frolic is at the barn on Fridays at 10 and 11!

With @_yogabarn @mackidmdpasadena @bestcoffeetrailer @lle_livinglifeeveryday @jrizsea
#naturewithkids #yogamaryland #severnapark #yogabarnsp #readingmakesfairydust #childrensmusic #singersongwtiter #folkmusic

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