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Bee Vomit

Draft Inside!

Song about that special substance that bees make: Honey!

Link to song in community:

Frolic Every Day with Kathryn Para
Frolic Every Day with Kathryn Para
Wonder doesn't just happen. It is nurtured. Nurture your sense of wonder with four essential tools: Nature, Story, Song and Play Life is better when: We get outside and explore We sing We read We play and pretend We make music (especially with an ukulele) We learn through experience and novelty We build community We pause, breathe, reflect and share We embrace ourselves and each other as we are, and as we seek to grow. In this community, Kathryn Para (aka Frolic the Fox) helps you nurture your sense of wonder and build community with fellow parents, educators and community members with her favorite tools to wield wonder: nature, story, song and play. We'll bring together members of the community who have unique perspectives, experience tools or understandings to share so that we can grow together. Days with "kittos" can be the most joyful and beautiful parts of life. They can also be the most challenging. This is true for parents as it is for educators and professionals. For Educators, you'll access Kathryn's tools for child-guiding professionals that she shares at conferences and appearances all over the USA. She helps you fully integrate song into your day with young children with her Song Solving™️ Process and her GuideNotes™️: Songs for Teaching and Guiding. A little sprinkle of fairy dust can go a long way to connect adults and kittos and help the days fill with wonder. Kathryn Para brings the fairy dust in the form of tools for connection and original songs and ditties woven with nature, story and play. As Frolic the Fox, she delights audiences with interactive, heart-filling songs which are often purpose-built to help gently guide children With hundreds of songs that are enjoyed and used across the country to help parents, teachers, therapists and family child care, these songs are now coming together here in this portal, in ways that you can learn to use them to guide your "kittos" with some fairy dust and fun. Join me here in Frolic Every Day and find: Events and resources from Kathryn, Frolic the Fox and partners! Do you have tools and resources to share? Community and collaboration make this space better. Touch base with Kathryn! Inside: Community for everyone, with resources, courses, events 🧭 Resource Dens: Community and collaboration with others like you who need tools and community to help bring out the wonder in their day. 🎶Songs and Ditties: a growing body of original songs by Kathryn Para And coming soon: 📚Story Den, 🐝Nature Den, 🫧Play Den 🦊Frolic Every Day community & groups: 🦊🌱the Main Meadow: Community for all, parents, educators & professionals. 🦊🌱📍Frolic on the Go: Adventure and connection for locals (Near Annapolis, Baltimore, DC.) 🦊Educator and Professional Space🍎 for teachers & professionals who work with children Additional groups may coming later, such as Director's Den, Parents of NeuroDiverse, and more. 💸Keeping it free and accessible. To allow all communities to grow, and help the music go to where it needs to be, the space is currently gratis, with no cost to enter, stay, explore or learn and opportunities to contribute inside. As the music, tools and work become more valuable to you, and you see how the community makes a difference in your life, please consider joining the Contributor's circle or signing up for a challenge. My work is valuable. I just don't want a wall up that prevents those in need from asking or entering. All are welcome. Sponsorship opportunities are a recent conversation and request. Contact This community is created by Kathryn Para, a.k.a. Frolic the Fox. See you inside!

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